Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Past Limits Us

By Hannah du Plessis

“Impossible is a word from the dictionary of fools!” - Napoleon Bonaparte

We judge our capability by our past performance. In this way our past plays a powerful role in limiting us because we use the past as a gauge of what we will be able to do in the future.

So often past failures are seen as the final authority for determining that our future is doomed to failure as well. Don't fall into this trap. Millions have failed, tried again and then achieved. You too have had failures that you turned into successes.

We all have achieved certain things in our lives. Academic achievements, sports achievements, career achievements. Yet often we do not interpret these accomplishments the way we should. We forget them and consider them unimportant. Your past accomplishments are proof that you can do more. Great things have already been achieved, and they indicate that you will still be able to do more in the future. You are older, smarter
and wiser.

Failures simply indicate that either, you still needed to learn some things, or that you were attempting to achieve something that was not part of your purpose at that time.

Don't judge your future by your past.

You have accomplished much. These are proof that you can do more.

Past experience also includes what we’ve been taught. Without realizing it, we were being brainwashed into believing a lie about who we are and what we can do.

You can't be more than what you believe you are.

Yet we have believed the lies and therefore find it hard to believe the truth. We have been programmed like a computer. But one can't just delete the programme, as on a computer. One has to reject the lies and re-programme one's mind with the truth.

The truth is that you are awesome, like an eagle: Intelligent, beautiful, strong, resourceful, courageous, tough. You are able to soar above the circumstances and achieve beyond your limits.

Undo what you have heard by repeating the opposite to yourself. Einstein said that it takes 11 positives to undo one negative. That means we need to repeat 1,63 million positives to undo the negatives that we have heard in our childhood.

Say things like:
I am brilliant
I am a Winner
I can do anything
I can be financially free
I can do the impossible

Identify what others have said about you and your abilities, which may be holding you back.
Reject the powerful lies one by one.

What lies have you believed?

You can do anything. Plan it. Take your time, you'll get it right.

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