Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dare To Be Happy

"There is only one person who can ever make you happy - and that person is you." ~ David Burns
What is happiness? 
Many people think they will be happy if they are rich. Or they will be happy if they get that perfect husband or perfect wife. Perhaps they’ll be happy if they have a different car, or if they lose weight, or if only they can ____ (fill in the blank)\

I have spoken to many people who thought they would only be happy if they have their heart’s desire. Then they obtain it, and they are still unhappy. 

That is because happiness is a decision. If you are not happy before you have whatever it is you want, then you will not be happy after you get it. 

Happiness is a state of mind. You can be happy in the gravest of circumstances. Whatever happens to you, you have a choice how you feel about it. You can feel miserable, hard done by, victimised, upset, angry, or you can say: “That’s life” and just carry on being happy. It is your choice.

If you are a happy person committed to stay happy whatever happens, you will have a much better life. You will see opportunities others don’t see, which will make your circumstances better. Tony Robbins had an interview with a 108 year-old holocaust survivor in which he asked her how it was that she survived. She told him that she was always smiling and laughing. Even in the concentration camps. Everyone thought her weird. It helped her survive.

Here are some tips for always being happy.

  1.  Fight negativity. Stop a negative thought as you start thinking it, and switch consciously to a positive thought. 
  2.  Always have a smile on your face. It is difficult to be unhappy when you’re smiling. 
  3.  Count your blessings every day, and be sincerely thankful for them. When you live in gratitude it is impossible to be unhappy.
  4.  Go for walks or drives out in nature. If you are out in nature, it is difficult to be unhappy. 
  5. Get a pet – dog or cat. They are always happy, and love to make you happy too. A dog will always wag his tail when he sees you. 
  6. Do something for someone else, without expecting a reward. It is a great feeling to have someone grateful for what you’ve done for them. 
  7. Read something uplifting first thing in the morning, or do something uplifting like meditating.
If you concentrate on being happy, and look for things to be happy about, happiness will follow.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

What is your relationship with money?

I didn't grow up rich.

Maybe you didn't either.

I wasn't exactly "destitute". I don't remember missing any meals.

But, I know what it's like to wear hand-me-down clothes.

Or not feeling like I fit in with the other kids because I didn't have the latest "Best New Thing".

And, just like you, I heard a lot of talk about money when I was growing up. Mostly from grownups who said things like:

-- Money doesn't grow on trees

-- The love of money is the root of all evil
-- We might not be wealthy but at least we're honest
-- Maybe it's just not God's will for me to have money

Ever heard those? I'll bet you have. You can probably add a few I haven't heard before.

In fact, here's one that we've ALL learned. How do I know?

Because it's a constant theme in every movie, TV show and book you read:
Rich people are evil, mean, nasty and unethical.

Think about it:

Who's the bad guy in Harry Potter?

The rich kid, and his rich dad.

Who's the bad guy in Superman?

The rich guy, Lex Luthor.

Who's the bad guy in Spiderman?

The rich industrialist.

And who's the good guy in these stories? Always an orphan. Always someone who's been mistreated. Always someone who thinks money is unimportant or unnecessary.

Take a look at the movie Titanic: the ONLY "good guys" in that movie were the poor, broke people down in 3rd class.

And who were the rich people? The stupid, shallow, rich people who were all up on first class arguing about whether to have mint sauce on their lamb chops.

FACT: We are conditioned to believe that money is bad and that being broke is somehow better.

Now, here's why I'm telling you this....

Your mind is like a computer. It records everything.

And from the time that you and I were little, our brain has been soaking up all these opinions about money and wealth.

And even though they're completely untrue in real life....

....they can prevent you from being wealthy.

Think about it: if your goal is to be a honest, ethical, loving, caring and generous person......

....and you believe that having money will make you evil, mean, nasty and greedy....

...your mind will not let you take actions that might increase your income. You'll sabotage yourself every time.

And you won't even know it's happening.

Get that. Really get that.

And you've probably experienced this. I know I have.


Picture you're sitting at a stoplight and a beautiful Mercedes 600 pulls up beside you. It's a $250,000 automobile.

What's your first reaction?

"Look at that stupid rich prick driving that big ol' car. He probably thinks he's better than everyone."


"Wow, look at that car! What an amazing vehicle! Isn't it amazing that such a thing exists! I'll bet that is an incredible thing to drive!"

If your response to simply seeing a person sitting in a car was to automatically label them as a mean, evil nasty person......

......what does that say about your attitude about money?


You're looking for a way to create more income. You want a better life for your family. So you start looking for ways to do that.

You find one. You find an opportunity where people are making tons of money and where they seem to be having a blast doing it!

It's an opportunity to break away from the herd and start living the life you deserve.
==> Like THIS one...

But.....rather than jump in, you start saying things like:

" sounds too good to be true"

"If it's so good, why haven't I heard of it before?"
"I don't know...if I made that kind of money, I wouldn't know
what to do about the taxes."
"I don't know.....this looks like something I've never done before."

And -- SNAP -- just like that, without even realizing you're doing it, you sabotage yourself and push away the very opportunity you were looking for.

My friend, people go their entire LIVES in this cycle of "almost breaking away" and then getting sucked back in.

It's tragic. It's the story of poverty. It's the story of mediocrity.


You have to make friends with money.

You have to stop fighting against the very thing you're trying to get.

You have to be willing to see that money flows all around you. You only need to find out where the money is going and get in front of it.

You have to realize that money isn't good OR bad. It's neutral. It's what you DO with money that makes the difference.

That is one of the things that we talk about HERE!
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He discovered how to call it so that money would come running.

He learned that money isn't good or bad. It's neutral. It's what you do with it that matters.

And, very early in this webinar, 
David explains how you can make some mental shifts that will allow you to get rid of all that negative programming....

...and actually start experiencing the prosperity that's your birthright.

===> Life was not meant to be a struggle.

It's your birthright to be prosperous.

It's your birthright to have more than what you need.

But you have to get rid of all the negative programming first.

And you have to give yourself permission to be wealthy.

This is where it starts...

Do you?

Do you give yourself permission?

Is that alright with you?

Can we show you how to start earning $1,000 per day?

Will you take it?

It's yours. But you have to turn your back on your old way of thinking about money.....

....and make friends with money.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Find your Passion – Achieve Your Brilliance!

"When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it."
Jim Rohn: was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker
All of us had dreams and imaginations when we were children. Yes, all of us. I remember having a wild dream and my parents saying: “That’s impossible. It will never happen.”

The wild dream was that one day we could have a phone where we can see each other. (We didn’t have Television in our country at the time) I was saying it would be nice to be able to speak on the phone to the Grannies, and be able to see them. I felt like a fool for dreaming up something so silly that my parents had to tell me to stop having such impossible dreams and to live in reality.

Yes stupid me: Obviously it is impossible to see someone on the other end of the line, right?
Slowly but surely, I lost my imagination, and I started to live in the “real” world, dealing with “reality.” 

Another example comes to mind as I write this: Two boys trying to build something that will help them be able to fly; People walked past and laughed shaking their heads saying: “People can’t fly! That will never happen!” then admonishing the boys to stop dreaming and get back to reality. Unlike me, and perhaps because there were two of them, they didn’t give up on their dream. They kept going and going. The Wright Brothers eventually built the aeroplane. 

I am sure you may also have had dreams when you were a child, and perhaps you also had to “stop having these silly dreams and get back to reality.” Look what happened to these two dreams above: Today we chat on Skype or videophones and we can see the people that we are talking to. We drive in aeroplanes when we do long distance travel. Both those dreams became reality.

There is nothing that you can dream that you cannot bring into reality. There is nothing that you conceive that you cannot make real. Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

What did you dream? Did your dreams become real? Or did you let someone steal your dream?

You have only to look at your dreams to see your potential. What can you become?
Are you achieving your full potential?

Now go: Climb that mountain. Run that marathon. Build that business. Achieve your brilliance!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do You Need More Discipline?

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

Jim Rohn: was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

I have recently read the book by Napoleon Hill: "Outwitting the Devil." He has an interview with the devil, in which the devil tells him that 98% of all people just exist. They don't live for anything, they have no goals, they have no passion. The devil maintains that all people who don't have goals and who don't live with passion belong to him. While I don't believe Napoleon Hill really had an interview with the devil, it does have a certain truth to it.

Do you have a goal? Do you set yourself a challenging goal and then rejoice when you reach your goal? Or do you just exist from day to day: Going to a job, earning a salary and paying all your debts?

While there is nothing wrong with having a job and earning a salary, you need some kind of goal. It could be saving for something. It could be starting your own business and seeing how much you can make that salary double.

In order to reach any goal, you need to write down the steps to get there, and then do what it takes. Too lazy? You won't reach your goal. Discipline is what you need to reach that goal. 

If you look at great athletes or pop stars, or any kind of "star" for that matter, they practice. They get up early and forego all the luxuries that keep the 98percenters from reaching their goals.

So if you really want something, you'll do what it takes to get it.

Write down your goal.

Then do the steps necessary to get to your goal.

Start doing it. 

If your goal is getting out of a job that you hate, and enjoying your life, start here: Create Your Future