Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How To Instantly Change Your Beliefs

By Dr Robert Anthony

We live in a belief-driven universe. The beliefs we have, most of which are unconscious, determine what we see. We are interpreting everything around us through the lens of our Personality Filters, which are really our filters of belief. Once we become aware of our filter and beliefs we can change. We will see an abundance of everything we are looking for and realize it was there all along.

Everything you want is available to you, but you won't see it until you turn on the perception that allows you to see it.

Our society is rapidly becoming one of "entitlement" which is the dark side of expectations. I hear some of my clients complaining that they are just as good, talented, knowledgeable or experienced as someone who is very successful in their field. They feel "entitled" to more success and expect that simply by being good at what they do, they will reap the rewards.

The problem is they are not engaged in the active pursuit of that success. Successful people are fully engaged. They read one new book a week, take classes, experiment, take risks and take action every day.

They don't THINK about getting on the ride. They GET on the ride.
They don't THINK of getting in the game, they GET in the game.
They don't HOPE for or THINK about expanding their business.
They become fully ENGAGED in the process of expanding their business.

You don't do this by just using positive thinking or affirmations like "I know I can". You are not the little engine that could.  You are the little engine that DOES! 

Change your beliefs today

Books by Dr Robert Anthony:

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Does Success in Life Continue to Elude You?

By Hannah du Plessis

Are you too busy trying to make a living than designing a life?  Do you do what you love every day? Do you live your passion? If you don’t lead the life you would like to lead maybe you are doing something wrong.

If we liken our lives to a fruit or vegetable garden that we are busy growing, how are we doing it? Are you designing your garden taking care which plants go where, which are big and which should be in their shade? Or are you trying to grow strawberries from apple seeds? Do you just grab a handful of seeds and plant them anywhere?

This is indeed what we do when we are just trying to make a living. You try to use what you have. You try to get by on what you have been given; play the cards from the hand that you were dealt. This is a victim mentality.

To change your life you need to decide what you want, and then design your life accordingly. Are you happy earning what you are earning, or do you want more? Are you happy being a salary worker, or do you want to be in charge? Are you happy working for someone else, or do you want to have your own business?

It is quite difficult to know what you want. Many people never get there. They just go for the instant pleasures in life: Instant Gratification. Doing more than that will get them out of their comfort zone; They just keep on plodding along, making debt and paying it off and they never really get there.

However, you will not find a wealthy and therefore successful person who does not have a goal in life. What is your goal? What is your passion? Are you willing to sacrifice something for it? Are you willing to sacrifice a few Instant Gratifications for it? And that is all it takes!

Once you have your goal, you can work out how to get there. Congratulations: You have taken the first steps in designing the life you want. Imaging the goal: Imagine reaching it! How will you feel then? Successful? You Bet!

To Your Success!!

Books on being successful:

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

How an Inspirational Story Awakened My Passion

By Hannah du Plessis

I love inspirational stories: Stories of people who show courage and tenacity against all odds. Examples of people whose life stories I admire is Ann Sullivan, who helped her blind, deaf and dumb student become a person with understanding; Helen Keller, the student of Ann Sullivan, who gained a university degree despite being deaf and dumb; Beethoven, who became deaf, yet continued to compose masterpieces; just to name but a few.

But my most inspirational story is that of the Wright Brothers, who wanted to fly. They kept trying and trying. People laughed at them. I mean, we are humans, we don’t have wings, we are not meant to fly. It doesn’t make sense to try ... especially if you lived before the 1900’s.

But they persisted. They had this dream and they kept trying and trying until they realised it.

What makes it so awe inspiring for me is that they kept going, even though the naysayers kept up with their negativity.

Did you know that it is easier to be negative than positive? Did you know that 95% of all people never realise their full potential because of this?

What is it that you are passionate about? Passionate enough not to listen to negativity? Passionate enough to set a goal and keep going trying to reach it until you break through an invisible barrier and realise your potential? Do you know?

If you don’t know let me ask you this: If I give you $10 billion tomorrow. What would you do with it?

Don’t answer straight away. You need time to think about it. The reason I suggested such an outrageous amount is because you need to think beyond a house and a car, a boat trip, an extended holiday, a yacht or whatever it is that you might want. That you have so much money after you have bought what you want, that you need to share it: Do some good with it.

That is your passion.

Now are you going to be like the 95% and never realise your full potential?

Or are you going to find your passion and change the world?

Books on finding your passion: