Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is there Such a Thing as Instant Success?

"The best preparation for good work tomorrow is good work today." - Elbert Hubbard

The most frustrating thing that you can feel is to want something really badly, and not be able to get it straight away. 

Yes, frustrating – but is it realistic to want something straight away?

Many people will tell you yes it is. You just have to type “instant success” in Google, and look at the headlines: Everyone promises to deliver you instant success.

And when it comes to products being sold, you are expected to buy it instantly too.

We live in an “instant” society. Anything we want can be delivered right now, and you start expecting things you want instantly too. Most people are expecting their wants to be delivered instantly. When they want it, they want it NOW!

Most people give up on their wants if they can’t get it instantly. It is becoming increasingly rate to find people who are willing to put in the time or effort required to get the success they want. They are after instant gratification. 

This is how we’ve been taught, and we see it as our right.

Now, this is your right: It's your right to have the same opportunity to work for what you want.  You have to sacrifice to reach your dreams just like every other person who ever lived.

Your right is not instant gratification, but working for what you want. Have you ever heard the saying:  “God helps those who help themselves?” You are not helping yourself if you are after instant gratification. You are hurting yourself.  Instant gratification does not help you to grow, it does not give you any satisfaction, and it only keeps you contented. Setting and reaching goals, and taking the time to do so, gives you immense pleasure.

So take time to have the things you want. Set goals, and find out what to do to achieve them. No-one is lucky that way. Luck takes work.

Put the effort in today and you'll get luckier and luckier.  Will you reach your goal immediately?  Probably not.  Anything worth having takes time and effort. Nothing falls into your lap.

You can’t put tomorrow before today.

So set those goals. Be all you can be.

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