Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How To Instantly Change Your Beliefs

By Dr Robert Anthony

We live in a belief-driven universe. The beliefs we have, most of which are unconscious, determine what we see. We are interpreting everything around us through the lens of our Personality Filters, which are really our filters of belief. Once we become aware of our filter and beliefs we can change. We will see an abundance of everything we are looking for and realize it was there all along.

Everything you want is available to you, but you won't see it until you turn on the perception that allows you to see it.

Our society is rapidly becoming one of "entitlement" which is the dark side of expectations. I hear some of my clients complaining that they are just as good, talented, knowledgeable or experienced as someone who is very successful in their field. They feel "entitled" to more success and expect that simply by being good at what they do, they will reap the rewards.

The problem is they are not engaged in the active pursuit of that success. Successful people are fully engaged. They read one new book a week, take classes, experiment, take risks and take action every day.

They don't THINK about getting on the ride. They GET on the ride.
They don't THINK of getting in the game, they GET in the game.
They don't HOPE for or THINK about expanding their business.
They become fully ENGAGED in the process of expanding their business.

You don't do this by just using positive thinking or affirmations like "I know I can". You are not the little engine that could.  You are the little engine that DOES! 

Change your beliefs today

Books by Dr Robert Anthony:

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