Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dare To Be Happy

"There is only one person who can ever make you happy - and that person is you." ~ David Burns
What is happiness? 
Many people think they will be happy if they are rich. Or they will be happy if they get that perfect husband or perfect wife. Perhaps they’ll be happy if they have a different car, or if they lose weight, or if only they can ____ (fill in the blank)\

I have spoken to many people who thought they would only be happy if they have their heart’s desire. Then they obtain it, and they are still unhappy. 

That is because happiness is a decision. If you are not happy before you have whatever it is you want, then you will not be happy after you get it. 

Happiness is a state of mind. You can be happy in the gravest of circumstances. Whatever happens to you, you have a choice how you feel about it. You can feel miserable, hard done by, victimised, upset, angry, or you can say: “That’s life” and just carry on being happy. It is your choice.

If you are a happy person committed to stay happy whatever happens, you will have a much better life. You will see opportunities others don’t see, which will make your circumstances better. Tony Robbins had an interview with a 108 year-old holocaust survivor in which he asked her how it was that she survived. She told him that she was always smiling and laughing. Even in the concentration camps. Everyone thought her weird. It helped her survive.

Here are some tips for always being happy.

  1.  Fight negativity. Stop a negative thought as you start thinking it, and switch consciously to a positive thought. 
  2.  Always have a smile on your face. It is difficult to be unhappy when you’re smiling. 
  3.  Count your blessings every day, and be sincerely thankful for them. When you live in gratitude it is impossible to be unhappy.
  4.  Go for walks or drives out in nature. If you are out in nature, it is difficult to be unhappy. 
  5. Get a pet – dog or cat. They are always happy, and love to make you happy too. A dog will always wag his tail when he sees you. 
  6. Do something for someone else, without expecting a reward. It is a great feeling to have someone grateful for what you’ve done for them. 
  7. Read something uplifting first thing in the morning, or do something uplifting like meditating.
If you concentrate on being happy, and look for things to be happy about, happiness will follow.

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