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How to Break Through To Success

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The article below I got from a friend, and although it talks about online success, it can really be applied to success in general:

Are You One of the 98% Having Difficulty Achieving Online Success? - Or One of the 2% who enjoys online success and always seems to 'get paid '? 

If you haven't even recognized your plight before, keep reading - because the following information could help you transform your life! Read on..... How good would it be if you discovered today that just through reading this article you've found what is possibly the best way in the whole world to join the 2% who win big and enjoy online success? First of all, lets look at some of the features of the two different groups in question- the 92% who fail and the 2% who don't! Over time, studies show us the following results: 

The '2 Percenters':
  • Just like you, its most likely that the '2% ' have reasonably functional brains and hands and fingers they can manipulate to do things. 
  • They're typically very good at doing the best for themselves and are generally already on a path that makes success possible or even guarantees their success!
  • From a psychological perspective,either the 2% have recovered from the damage inflicted on them by their parents and teachers, or they weren't damaged too severely.
The '98 percenters':
  • Typically, the 98% are on a path that makes success difficult perhaps impossible even.Typically, the 98% have not recovered from the damage inflicted on them during their early life and If you're among the 98%, it's possible that you've been damaged to the extent that there's no reasonable hope of recovery. 
  • This group suffers from not having acquired certain pivotal skills, keeping them stuck at low levels of incompetence, mediocrity, and failure. There are certain factors that BLOCK their success -- and they don't have the pivotal skills required to remove such blocks.
  • If you consider yourself to be among the 98%, your first challenge is to find out if there's a possibility that you can learn to use your brain, hands, and fingers well enough to succeed. Try this free study session - You can learn much more about this aspect and receive excellent free information.(see link below)
Your second challenge is to CHANGE DIRECTION and SHIFT TO A DIFFERENT PATH where you can learn to use your brain, hands, and fingers well enough to succeed. Do You know these 7 steps to becoming a '2 percenter '?

1. Recognition of where you're at - If you're reading this chances are you're a 2 percenter looking for direction. So do something about that.
  • Look in the mirror, take a good look into your reflection - look yourself in the eye and ask the question "Am I prepared to do what it takes to change?"
  • Make a decision and a commitment to do whatever it takes and start today! You might begin with seeking out Daily Messages and motivational and inspirational sayings which help energize you as you set about your daily activities: for example, Abe Lincoln was believed to have said," If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first 4 hours sharpening the axe!
"Achievements are the accomplishment of persistent individuals." James Jones

 2. Discover the Missing Success Factors:

  • the "Unstoppable Success Secret" and the "Stuckistic Breakthrough" - that makes online success inevitable. 
  • There's some wonderful information available online and offline which can provide you with a source of self-education about success factors and motivation to get you started you might like to try here: It's free too! 
3. Learn some skills and discover:
  • How you can learn ways to raise Your financial IQ so you become wealthier faster! 
  • Develop a mindset toward accumulating money as opposed to spending what you haven't got.
  • How to earn a dollar every day.
  • How to get dozens or even hundreds of "Brokers" and "Agents" who help grow your earnings!
  • Learn the power of leverage, ways you can apply it (even in simple ways) to double, treble your money.
  • Assets you can buy for an affordable price that can quickly grow and multiply your investment! 
  • Do your homework. Look for the opportunities, learn the necessary skills and put them into practice. Follow this succinct advice from a highly successful Australian speaker Doug Malouf, "Practice, Rehearsal and Drill! 
4. Learn how to manage your finances - even leverage your credit card or whatever financial services are currently available to you. If you're coming from a position of being 'broke' here's something you can do:
  • Decide what's important in your life - example: Maintaining your own Good Health is vital! Without good health you may not find suitable employment or even be able to perform some simple actions to better your position. 
  • Consider your 'Spiritual needs' - feeling good about yourself and understanding your relationship with God or your spiritual beliefs.
  • Harmonious Relationships - involve your partner / friend to share your thoughts, provide you with help and advice when you need another point of view.
  • Develop a routine - a foundation of daily activities designed to ensure you're heading in the right direction each day. Consider this your 'Road Map'!
5. Maintain your good health and wellness.
  • If you find yourself spending hours upon hours sitting at your desk 'working' online - STOP! 
  • Take a break with simple exercise go out meet people,
  • Talk to people and walk to get your blood flowing around your body again - then come back refreshed and resume your efforts.
6 Set Goals - "A dollar a day"

  • At the very basic level, this is one very practical philosophy that works very well and brings immediate tangible results- most important from a motivational point of view! 
  • Before you spend a dollar ask yourself, "Do I need to buy this?" or "Can I find another, less expensive solution that will get me the same or better result?" You may be surprised how much you can achieve and money you can save using this simple method.
7. Monitor your progress and talk to people - Find out what works for them!
  • Looking at item 6 above - At the end of each day sum up the savings you've made and give yourself a pat on the back! 
  • Seek out any people you regards as being '2 Per-centers' and ask them for advice, tips and tricks.
  • Attend forums online, join business meetings in your area - there's often several small groups in any community who'll share their knowledge and know-how - you just have to seek them out.
Summary. What all this should be saying to you is this. "You are either STUCK, or UNSTOPPABLE, or somewhere in between these two extremes!" It's essential to recognize WHERE you are in order to be able to determine what you have to do to get where you want to be! With a little focus and help you can acquire the Pivotal Skill that enables you to view and examine the origins of the blocks that have kept you stuck and prevented you from achieving online success. 

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