Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You Motivated By Fear?

By Dr Robert Anthony

"It's alright to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation." - Dr. Rob Gilbert

The tendency for most people is to get into a comfort zone and
build a nice little nest there. The comfort zone is made up of all
the thoughts we've had and all the things we've done often enough
to feel comfortable thinking or doing them. Anything that threatens
to push us out of our nest makes us feel uncomfortable.

"Uncomfortable" is a catchall term that encompasses many emotions;
fear, unworthiness, doubt, anger, hurt and distrust, to name a
few. Since we have labeled these emotions as "bad", we don't want to
feel them and so we crawl back into our nests.

It can be argued that there are really only two human emotions,
fear and love and that all other emotions are variations on
these two themes. Any negative emotion is a spin-off of
fear. Except for rare occasions, most of the fear that we
experience is over imagined circumstances or consequences. But,
since fear keeps us from doing things, we never really check out
the validity of the fear itself. A feedback loop of fear ? not
doing ? ignorance ? then back to fear develops.

When something pushes us out of our comfort zone we feel some
variation of fear. The bodily sensations that go along with fear
are something that we have come to label as "bad" and we want
to avoid them at all costs. Let's look at what happens when the
body feels fear; adrenaline, glucose and other energy producing
chemicals are released into the bloodstream. Our senses actually
sharpen when non-essential fears such as, "Did I remember to TiVo
Lost?", pop up and we gain an instant ability to focus on the task
at hand.

When we are outside of our comfort zone, most of the time, the only
thing we are in danger of is learning something new. What is
helpful in learning something new? Energy, clarity and the ability
to focus - all available to you via your friend, fear.

Now, am I saying that fear is the best motivator? No, but I am
saying that you can change the way you look at the sensations that
fear produces. Do you realize that, at a somatic level, excitement
feels pretty much the same as fear? So what I'm suggesting is that
the next time you get pushed out of your comfort zone and you feel
the adrenaline of fear, instead of crawling swiftly back into the
safety of your nest, change the way you look at it. Choose to
experience the sensations of excitement and use the clarity, energy
and increased focus at your disposal to say "YES" to the experience
and learn something new!

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