Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Are You Going?

By Hannah du Plessis

“Setting and achieving goals is not REALLY about what you get as much as it is what you become during the process of attaining your goal.  When you ARE more, you'll get more automatically now and in the future.” – Mike Brescia

Did you know … Only 3% of the population set goals? 

And … did you know that those are the people who are successful? 

If you don’t have a goal what do you live for? And if you don’t set goals, don’t you just exist? Just keeping yourself comfortable, not risking anything? 

And why don’t you want to risk anything … scared that you will fail? Avoiding pain? 

How many times did you want something and didn’t get it? Did you keep it in front of you all the time? Did you think about it often? Did you imagine it, Did you see it in your mind? Did you feel it? Did you write it down? Or did you let yourself get distracted by other wants or other thoughts?

People say the opposite of pain is pleasure, but I disagree: I think the opposite of pain is comfort. Pleasure is what you get if you set a goal and achieve it. When you are not setting goals you are in a state of comfort. You are not growing, but staying the same. 

Our purpose is to grow… to better ourselves. 

So don’t just exist. Don’t be one of the 97%. Set a goal: Dream it, believe it, achieve it. You will grow to be a better person in the process.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. 

Books on Goal Setting:


  1. Saw your Link on our Facebook Page, Hannah

    Goal setting and the completing Goals is definitively and Important facet of anyone's Life. A few years ago I put together a simple Video.

    Hope it is OK to share Here.
    Sart Goals

    Thanks again, Hannah

  2. Of course its OK Chuck! I have just been editing my sign up box and figured out how to put it on my facebook fanpage. I see you signed up. Thanks!