Saturday, February 26, 2011

Three Things you Must Know ABout Change

By Dr Robert Anthony

Have you noticed how upset we get because things change?  As human beings we act like life should always be predictable.  And yet we know it isn't.  One of the reasons we get jarred by change is because we are creatures of habit. Another is that we are emotional human beings. As logical as we can be at times, it's the feelings associated with change that we tend to overlook. And it is these feelings that create the upsets and/or disorientation we sometimes feel during change.

In addition, there are three other major factors that enter into
the way we deal with change. The first is Personality Filter, the
second is where we are on the Levels of Awareness and the third is
whether or not we have consciously chosen the change we are

How do you generally react to change? On the spectrum of actively
seeking change to actively avoiding it, where do you fall? How do
you manage your feelings about change, especially if the change is
not one you chose?

Today notice how much of life is in the process of change and be
grateful for the ever-unfolding life that it represents.

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