Thursday, February 24, 2011

Curious? Or... the Secret To Living Longer

By Dr Robert Anthony

The ability and willingness to be teachable is an important aspect
of the higher Levels of Awareness. At the Victim and Struggle Level,
there is a lot of resistance to being told anything by anybody.
There is a tendency to respond with "I know that" or "I read that,
already!" Both of those statements are clues of defensiveness. In
addition, having read or heard a concept does not mean you are
actually practising that action on a daily basis.

Being teachable means that you must start out with a "beginner
mind set" and a humble attitude. How easy is it for you to admit
that you don't know something?  How often do you pretend or
exaggerate what you really know? Can you be humble without feeling

We are all students of life. How often have you heard or read
something many times and finally one day you hear it in a new and
different way and finally it sinks in? We are never too old to
learn. Current longevity studies show that the more we are
committed to curiosity and learning, the longer we will live.

Today look at the world with beginner eyes and at the end of the
day spend a few moments reflecting on what you saw and what you

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