Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Do You Become a Champion?

By Hannah du Plessis

Would you like to be a champion?

To become a champion in any area, you need four things: Talent, courage, tenacity and mind set. You need to take the following steps:

Decide what you are good at
Decide to be a champion at it – The Best there is!
Fix your mind on your goal and do not take your eyes off it
Keep at it! Don’t stop! Do it every way you know how until you’ve done it!

Now to decide what you are good at can be a problem for some. You can go through the following process: Is there anything you have done in your life that you are really proud of? Or have you ever done anything that you were good at, perhaps better than others? What do you absolutely love doing, and can’t get enough of?  

Congratulations, you have found your talent!

Now you need to look for places where champions are made: Is there a tournament or competition in your field which determines champions? Or are you seemingly competing against yourself … as in writing, for example JK Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series. No-one can deny that she is a champion author. Very few children’s authors have become multi-millionaires.

Then see if there are other skills you have that you are not using? List them too, as you often need all your skills to become a champion. Then look at all the skills you have and decide how to use them to help you with your goals. Are there any skills that you don’t have that you need to become a champion? Make work of it to acquire that skill. Now set your goals. Make sure to start with the end goal in mind, and make shorter goals that lead up to it. Now you need your courage to reach each short term goal you set in order to reach that big goal. Make sure that you do daily what you need to in order to reach your goal.

And the big one …. To keep at it.  There will be many attempts to get you from reaching your goal. They could come in any form, but they are usually little things that come up like the newspaper or the TV or the phone that take your attention away from your goal. Don’t let it! Most attempts come in the form of “friends” who tell you it is not possible for you to reach your goal. Many of them will come with excellent reasons why you wouldn’t be able to reach your goals. Some of them will try their hardest to get you to abandon your goal. We call them dream stealers. It would be best to not associate with dream stealers, but surround yourself with people who have reached their goals.

Then finally you will get to the point where you reach your goal… and you can congratulate yourself: You are a champion! Sometimes not working for a goal can be a big anti-climax. In that case, Champion; set yourself a bigger goal!

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