Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Harness Your Point Of Attraction

By Dr Robert Anthony

"When you can embrace all of life, not holding onto anything
beyond its time and not avoiding it once its time has come, you
will know the meaning of Freedom." - Unknown

The dictionary defines Freedom as; "The quality or state of being
free; the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice
or action; liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power
of another."

How would you define Freedom for yourself? It strikes me that much
of what the Secret of Deliberate Program teaches you is how to set
yourself free - free from your stories, free from your past, free
from "shoulds", free from need.

I talk repeatedly in the course about choice. You cannot control
the circumstances or people around you, but you can always choose
how you react to them. Much of what is difficult about difficult
situations, is not the situation itself, but how you react to it.
Have you ever made a situation worse by overreacting? What if you
had kept from getting knocked off balance by what was happening,
would that have changed anything?

The goal of Deliberate Creation is to be able to consciously set
your Point of Attraction. That means that how you feel is not
dependent upon external circumstances. It is not dependent upon
your mate doing the dishes or your child picking up his room or
your friend calling you or who wins the election. Your Point of
Attraction is determined solely by you, by what you believe, think,
expect and feel. No one and nothing else is ever to blame - ever.
No one makes you unhappy - you do that. No one can make you
happy - only you can do that. It's your choice - always.

When you can stay centered and balanced no matter what is going on
around you - when you can consciously choose instead of letting
circumstance dictate how you feel - then you have got ("groked"
for those of you who remember Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange
Land") how to consciously create your life.

I think the quote above sums it up quite eloquently. If we are
truly letting all of life in, without judgment, without labels,
embracing all of it, not clutching at what is no longer ours nor
pushing away what is, then we truly are free.

As you go about your day today see in what ways you can set
yourself free.

Create Your future.

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