Saturday, January 22, 2011

Limits? What Limits?

 "Know your limits, then ignore them." - John Mason

We all have limits. However, we always seem to break our limitations. Every time we learn and apply a new skill, we break a limit we used to have.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that something can’t be done. The bigger the task, the more time consuming, the more complicate, the more we are daunted by it. 

Our limits tend to be fear or comfort. First, we are afraid of failure and don’t like the idea of working long hard hours to reach a goal just to have it fail. So fear of failure stops us from doing. We have unlimited potential. We can literally do anything we set our minds on.

The sad reality is that we believe ourselves to be limited and don't release the power that is inside of us.

We allow things to put a lid on our potential.

People say all sorts of negative things to us about what we can and can't do. And we believe them. They can be so negative when we tell them what we want to accomplish. Especially those closest to us. Sometimes they label us. Authority figures in our lives have limited us by what they have said and how they have treated us.

How have others limited your potential by their labels or 'assurance' that "you could never do it"? Make a decision to reject their "authority". Who knows what is still in you? How can anyone possibly know what you can or cannot do?

Others may suffocate our potential by being negative or discouraging us. They are like invisible chains that hold us back. They are like stumbling blocks in our strive to be all we can be. Don’t spend any time with these people. Find friends who encourage you to be better and to achieve more. Unfortunately there are few friends who can regularly do that for us.  for us. That is one of the main reasons why I have started this blog. We need that encouragement and inspiration to be all we can be. 

Take a score of your friends and acquaintances: Who can you spend more time with? Who should you stay away from?

Spend more time with people who will build you up and encourage you to be all that you can be.

Who would that be for you?

Spend more time reading about how you can succeed.

Tomorrow: The difference that a positive attitude has on your limits

Books on knowing your limits:

Know Your Limits - Then Ignore Them (Nugget) 

KNOW YOUR LIMITS, EXCEED THEM OFTEN! - climbing - Window Bumper Laptop Sticker 

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