Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Power of Your Mind

In 1980 I was diagnosed by several doctors in Toronto, Canada with a rare illness called environment hypersensitivity disorder, also called 20th Century Disease. I had become allergic to everything I ate, touched, or breathed. For 4 years I lived in a bare room that was lined with tin foil, slept in a metal bed (no wood), aluminum blankets and at most times, I kept my hands in a glass box. I had 20 health care professionals tell me that due to my severe sensitivities, they couldn't see how I would ever be able to work again. Now, at that time, not knowing what I know now, I believed them. I was rock bottom, depressed and broke.

One afternoon in 1984, I heard Bob Proctor on CFRB radio promoting a seminar he was doing at the Triumph Hotel in Toronto. I heard him say something that changed my life. He said to the radio host, "What the mind can see - the mind can believe - the mind can achieve". It was like a light came on in my head. I started to think if my mind got my body in this situation, then maybe the mind can get me out of it. I realized I had to talk to Bob himself. I called his office and within a few minutes he called me back. We talked for a while about my situation. He suggested I come out to his Thursday evening seminar. I said, "Bob, you don't understand, I can't go out in crowds because of all the fragrances and smoke". (I was so sensitive at that time that water would make my tongue crack and bleed). Bob said, "No, you don't understand. I hope to meet you at my sem inar on Thursday". We hung up and I said to myself I have to see this man. I called his office and booked a ticket I couldn't afford, so I put it on my Visa card.

I went to the seminar; I left my oxygen in my car, walked in looking like a healthy man and sat at the back of the room, away from the crowd. Sitting and listening to Bob that evening, I realized that the body is an instrument of the mind and I could re-create my world when I started to believe it. The next day I started some serious visualization, affirmations, and wrote out a goal card I carried with me and placed 8 copies of it in different places in my home and car, where I could see it day and night. Bob said in his seminar that to change your life its simple, but it's not easy. It took a lot of re-training my mind, study and discipline, to not allow the present circumstances in my life affect the way I was feeling, thinking and acting.

Over a period of time, my health and life started to change and I was able to return back to work. I worked as the Director of Education at the private career college in Toronto for the next 17 years. I ended up having 4,000 students who travelled from over 12 countries to attend my classes. I used a lot of what Bob Proctor had taught me and shared this amazing information with my students. Now, many years later, I am retired and I'm in great health. I'm now 64 years old, I feel and act like I'm 24 years old. My wife and I spend most of our time riding around on our Harley Davidson and are enjoying our life together. I now do my own personal development-motivational seminars in the Toronto area. I work with a lot of martial arts clubs, that way I get the teenage students and their parents in my seminar together, this way I get them all on the same page at the same time.

I have thanked Bob several times for how he changed my life, He always replied back, "I show lots of people how to change their life; you took this information and applied it. You changed your life. It was always an inside job." I will always be grateful to Bob and I am thankful I attracted him into my world. To anyone who is reading this, please understand you also can re-create your world when you see it clearly in your mind and believe and expect it in your heart.

So thanks again Mr. Bob Proctor.

From my mind to your mind,

Bob Ross

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